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The uFUC PRO is a premium, high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine but at an affordable price.

The uFUC PRO is a premium, high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine but at an affordable price.

The uFUC’s design is based on our best selling sex machine Blue Balls XL under license from Diva®.

The PRO looks the same as it’s little brother…but packs more of a punch.

Unlike many sex machines that are currently available the uFUC PRO has an exceptional torque & thrust power, which is ideal for anal sex as well as being powerful enough to attach very large dildos and attachments without wearing down the motor & components.

Think of a position and the uFUC PRO will accomodate (upto 180 degrees) secures using solid stainless steel securing handles which keep machine in the exact postion required.

Stability of the uFUC PRO is superb – this is due to the design and weight, will not flip around even on full speed – like many machines do.

Can be easily stored away in the closet simply disassemble the two upright masts and unit can almost store completely flat.

Turn your uFUC PRO into a male masturbation machine buy purchasing the optional Fleshlight® holder & Fleshlight®.

Differences between the uFUC & uFUC PRO:

• The uFUC has a lower price point.
• The uFUC PRO has a greater torque.
• The uFUC PRO has a slightly faster stroke speed.
• The uFUC PRO is quieter on full speed.


• Power pack & power lead
• Speed controller
• 2x Solid steel securing handles
• 1x Spanner
• 1x Alan key
• Deluxe Vac-U-Lock® adaptor
• Bottle of lubrication machine oil
• Instruction Booklet



• 1 year UK & Worldwide warranty
• 72 watt 24V industrial motor
• Stroke length can be adjusted using a spanner (1″ to 6″)
• Stroke speed: 0-240 rpm (infinte settings)
• Torque: 40-in-lbs
• Horse-power: 1/9th
• 16″ Shaft rod (can be extended using optional extension rod(s)
• Power pack can disconnect & be stored separately
• Speed controller can disconnect & be stored separately
• Height 24″, Length 27″, Width 16″
• Weight: 15.8kg net, 17.0kg gross
• 180 degree angle adjustability
• High grade MIG welded tensile steel structure
• Power: 220-240V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• Power: 100-110V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• UK power cord & plug (international orders will receive suitable plug)
• Colour: Gloss black / silver
• CE certified
• ROHS compliant
• Designed in UK

RRP: £599.00
Our Price: £239.00


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